[uClibc-cvs] cvs commit to uClibc/libc/stdlib by andersen

cvs at uclinux.org cvs at uclinux.org
Thu Aug 30 17:38:28 UTC 2001

Repository: uClibc/libc/stdlib
who:        andersen
time:       Thu Aug 30 13:38:27 EDT 2001

Log Message:

"Kim B. Heino" <Kim.Heino at bluegiga.com> reports

	In the libc/stdlib/bsd_getpt.c file you have line:

	memcpy (buf, _PATH_PTY, sizeof (_PATH_PTY) - 1);

	It really should be:

	memcpy (buf, _PATH_PTY, sizeof (_PATH_PTY) );

	The last nul character must be copied too because the next line uses
	strlen() to get buf's length.


changed:    bsd_getpt.c

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