problems with /dev/console and "job control"

Christian Ruppert idl0r at
Sat Jun 26 11:30:34 UTC 2010

Hey guys,

I try to setup busybox properly for my initrd although I don't get it
working with "job control".
I thought that console=... would help (kernel cmdline) but it doesn't.

It works so far (at least CTRL+C) if I use openvt -s but that is no
solution for me.
I use my own /init script which later calls "exec /bin/sh" to enter a
rescue shell but CTRL+C etc. isn't working. :(

The second problem is that dropbear doesn't work as expected..
It is listening on e.g. port 22 but after a successfully connection it
will close the connection after a few seconds.
dropbear[748]: Running in background
dropbear[749]: Child connection from ....
dropbear[749]: pubkey auth succeeded for ´root´ with key md5 ... from ...
dropbear[750]: Failed listening on ´22´: Error listening: Address
already in use
dropbear[750]: premature exit: No listening ports available.
dropbear[749]: exit after auth (root): Disconnect received

I _think_ this is related to the "no job control" thingy.
I assume that dropbear tries to kill the old listener and then start a
new one.
Its just what I think so I'm currently not 100% sure because I didn't
read that part of source yet.

So my question is now:
How can I get the "job control" working properly? I think that will also
fix the reboot/halt issues.
And might that solve the dropbear issues?

So I'd like to be able to use CTRL+C as well as reboot/halt etc.

Christian Ruppert

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