FYI: status of the Hurd and FreeBSD ports

Jérémie Koenig jk at
Fri Jun 25 11:19:35 UTC 2010

2010/6/12 Jérémie Koenig <jk at>:
> I just wanted to mention that I have been continuing my work on
> BusyBox for Hurd. In order to kill two birds with one stone I have
> also integrated the patches used by Debian GNU/kFreeBSD for their
> debian-installer port.


I have merged the latest commits into my "osports" branch, and I would
be grateful if you could consider including my changes in the official
BusyBox when you find the time.

I expect the easiest way to do this would be for you to merge the
branch directly when you are satisfied with its state, but I would be
happy to provide you with a rebased branch or patches if you find it
more convenient or appropriate.

The "osports"  branch is here:
git:// The interesting
commits are c88c1a0..e7826c1.

Please let me know what I can improve,
Jérémie Koenig <jk at>

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