FUSE, pthread and dl

Jörg Faschingbauer joerg.faschingbauer at aon.at
Mon Jun 14 14:47:08 UTC 2010


in an attempt to build FUSE into Busybox (*) I was wondering what was
the proper way to add pthread and dl which are needed by FUSE.

I know that both of them are something that people might not want to
link against; but anyway, this is just a quick walk-through to see if I
can get it to work at all. (It would be nice if FUSE had a configure
option to disable multithreading and dynamic loading, but sadly there
isn't one.)

(*) I used to use aufs (http://aufs.sourceforge.net) to stack multiple
sparse root hierarchies together to form a functional root filesystem,
into which I boot when all the mounting is done. Aufs involves patching
the kernel alot which I don't like, and which is why I want to move over
to unionfs-fuse in the long term (performance is not so much of an
issue). The attempt to build both FUSE and unionfs-fuse into Busybox is
the first approach because Busybox and a few scripts on top of it is all
I need in initramfs. And I can't wait for union mounts to make it into
the kernel.


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